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Moose Hunting - Featured Outfitters

Featured Moose Hunting outfitters, guides and lodges.


North Alberta Outfitters, Inc.
P.O. Box 861, Slave Lake, AB T0G 2A0
Cell: (780) 849-0743, Home: (780) 369-3733

We do our moose hunts in the boreal forests. Hunts are done in September and October, when lovesick bulls come to the call. This hunt is very exciting and challenging. We hunt from wall tent camps, as well as cabin accommodations. Hunts are remote, fly in or take ATV’s in to the back country. We also have jet boats and an airboat to offer some different hunts. Our Moose hunts have a very high success rate. The quality and size is excellent for Canada Moose. View Trophy Moose. Space is limited, so book early to get the best spots.

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Misty River Outfitters
Fort Assiniboine, AB T0G 1A0
Phone: (780) 284-2775

Misty River Outfitters offers moose hunts during peak rut times. We hunt several locations within our area. Camps consist of spacious wall tents with wood heat, generators for lights and charging electronic devices. Our guides will cook you some great home cooked meals and take care of all your needs so you can concentrate on the hunt and enjoying yourself. On your moose hunt you can use Rifle, muzzle loaded or Archery. Wolf coyote license can be added to the hunt. Our area is home to a healthy moose population, bulls range from 32-50 inch and reach as wide as 60 on occasion.

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British Columbia

Fire Mountain Outfitters
Atlin, BC V0W 1A0
Brandon: (780) 228-3448, Rena: (780) 933-6859

Our area borders the Yukon and although our moose share the same genetics as the Alaska/Yukon moose they are classified as a Canadian moose in the record books. They range from 1400 – 1600 pounds and have an average spread of 55-60 inches with the occasional bull being over 60. We have a very strong population, there are moose throughout the entire 5000 sq mile area. Our traditional horseback hunts start out at a base camp and often spike out a little further into the high country in some of the high Valleys and brushy basins where moose can be found almost any time of the year. This is a true and exciting adventure, and every moose hunt is different. Big bulls can be spotted miles away and the horses are needed to close the distance and most importantly, pack them out! Most times they still have to be called out into position and will get your heart pumping! It also works well to combo this type of hunt with a caribou, Goat or Stone Sheep!

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Ivory & Antler Outfitters
5027 Northern Lights Dr. Unit D, Fort Collins, CO 80528
Phone: (720) 218-4677

If you choose to book your Moose hunt with us, you will be hunting in units 6/17/171 located in historic Jackson County, CO. This region is comprised of over a million acres and is one of the best units in Colorado to harvest a giant bull. Specifically, you will be hunting just outside of the town of Rand, CO. Rand is located about 3 hours Northwest of Denver at the base of Parkview Mountain at the south end of the North Park Region of Colorado. The North Park Region is surrounded by mountain crests of the Park Range, Medicine Bow Range, and Never Summer Range. This area offers open sagebrush country, willow flat marshes surrounded by aspen, fir, and pine forests all reaching up to elevations beyond the tree line. With breath-taking views of Parkview Mountain to the south, the Never Summer Mountain Range and the Continental Divide to the southeast, and the rugged Buffalo Peaks to the west, you will truly find your place in the world!

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Spaulding Lake Outfitters
441 Ridge Rd, Oakfield, ME 04763
Phone: (207) 420-1040

Bull moose hunts, cow moose hunts, remote hunts (drop camp) and lodging available. View our website for more information.

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Gage Outdoor Expeditions
8164 Arthur Street NE, Minneapolis, MN 55432
Phone: (763) 595-5936

Known as the Monarchs of the North moose are the largest member of the deer family. Manitoba moose hunting has a well-earned reputation as challenging and, at times, dangerous quarry. This is a true BIG GAME hunt. You will understand the meaning of Big Game when you see the massive rack of a bull moose gliding through the Canadian Boreal forest. Success rates are high and we take a limited amount of hunters to keep it that way. Archery and rifle moose hunts are also available.

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Agassiz Outfitters
Provincial Trunk Highway 83, Roblin, Manitoba R0L 1P0
Phone: (888) 468-3394, Cell/Text: (204) 281-1918

Agassiz Outfitters has exclusive rights to a large remote hunting area in northern Manitoba. Situated approximately 120 air miles north of Thompson which is only accessible by float plane. The distance from civilization and the costs of the flights, make this area restrictive for resident hunting.

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Snowbank Lodge and Outfitters
14564 Snow Lodge Rd, Ely, MN 55731
Phone: (218) 365-6032

Your hunting experience can be within the Superior National Forrest or, for the more challenging and secluded hunt, inside the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Deer, black bear, moose (when allowed) grouse, small game, and waterfowl are all within reach from Snowbank Lodge and Outfitters location. Let us make your hunt comfortable and easy from the shores of Snowbank Lake by staying in one of our heated and running water facilities. Enjoy hot meals in our dining room to start and end your hunting days. In the evenings our lodge is open for to share stories and friendships. Retire to your room at the end of the day for a hot shower and a solid nights sleep to prepare for your next day of hunting. Let us make your hunt easy and comfortable at Snowbank Lodge and Outfitters.

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Northwest Territories

Raven's Throat Outfitters
Phone: (867) 332-7286

Raven’s Throat Outfitters has a great population of trophy moose. It has historically been way under hunted. In 2017 we took 4 great bulls for 4 hunters and did a lot of aerial scouting for the future. We were amazed by the numbers and quality we saw. In 2018, we plan on taking 10 moose hunters and feel we will still just be nibbling at the populations. We are committed to harvesting the biggest and oldest on all our hunts.

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Thunderhook Fly-Ins
527 Hwy, Armstrong Station, ON P0T 1A0
Phone: (218) 780-2278

Hunt one of the worlds most majestic trophies in the heart of Ontario's Wabakimi Wilderness Provincial Park. Yes, we're talking about the massive Canadian Moose. These giants can stand 7-feet tall, reach 1500 pounds, and have an antler spread that breaks the 60-inch mark. When you book your moose hunt with Thunderhook, your tag is guaranteed! No need to put in for a drawing or waiting on lottery results. Just book with us and get ready for the moose hunt of a lifetime.

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Lac Seul Lodge
Box 850, Ear Falls, ON P0V 1T0
Phone: (807) 222-2107

Moose are abundant in this area. Lac Seul Lodge has taken many record bulls with rifle and bow. Ontario's early bow season is the second or third week in September. The rifle hunt begins in mid October.

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7 Lakes Wilderness Camps
P.O. Box 38, Nakina, ON P0T 2H0
Phone: (715) 953-4788

Nakina is the top Moose hunting destination in Ontario and maybe all of Canada. Due to the high population of Moose; we receive way more adult Moose tags than outfitters that are farther south. This is why we are able to provide archery (bow) hunts, rifle hunts and Muzzleloader hunts at a very reasonable price.

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Paintrock Outfitters
PO Box 509, Greybull, WY 82426
Phone: (307) 899-1162

The demand for a moose license in the Bighorns is high. This interest makes the ability to draw very tough. We can assist you with the application process to put you in a position to be one of the lucky few to draw a moose tag. Whether you are a Wyoming resident or a non resident we can help you with that dream moose hunt.

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Beaver Trap Outfitters
PO Box 22, Dayton, WY 82836
Phone: (307) 461-0655

If you are lucky enough to draw a tag in Unit 1, I would love to take you moose hunting. I spend all summer in the mountains looking for trophy shiras bulls. Calling and spot and stalk are used to harvest these once in a lifetime trophies.

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