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Alaska Moose Hunting

Directory of 34 Alaska Moose hunting lodges, guides and outfitters in Alaska.

Alaska Guide & Outfitting Service
Featured Outfitter
PO Box 231, Willow, Alaska 99688
Phone: (907) 521-0043

This hunt is out of McGrath, Alaska in Game Management Unit 21A. The Innoko Wildlife Refuge is 3,850,000 acres or approximately 6000 square miles. I have exclusive areas on the Refuge where I am the only guide allowed to hunt. This is some of the best moose hunting country that Alaska has to offer. The moose population is strong. Due to increasing moose numbers and a harvestable surplus, Fish & Game extended the non-resident season by five days a few years ago.

Willow Air
Featured Outfitter
PO Box 42, Willow, Alaska 99688
Phone: (833) 907-4868

Moose hunting in Alaska is becoming tougher every year due to increased pressure from predators across the state and increased hunting pressure close to Anchorage. Willow Air is based just north of Anchorage, and has taken moose hunters to far western Alaska for over 30 years and has dedicated float planes based in McGrath during moose season. We no longer take any moose hunts out of Willow; due to the fact the success rate was so low.

Alaska Bush Adventures
610 W 91st Ave, Anchorage, Alaska 99515
Phone: (480) 657-3174

Alaska Bush Adventures L.L.C. has been in business since 1985. Our goal is to provide you with personal service and success, while you are enjoying yourself in the great Alaskan Wilderness. Alaska Yukon Moose are the largest of the Alaskan Moose Species and are found across Alaska. An adult bull can top the scales between twelve and sixteen hundred pounds.

Alaska Challenge Guide Service
PO Box 24, Galena, Alaska 99741
Phone: (907) 440-6424

AlaskaChallenge Guide Service is proud to say we offer some of the best Moose hunting in the state. If you do the research you'll quickly see that the Koyukuk River area has the highest population of Moose in the state of Alaska. No aircraft has been used for moose hunting since 1978. This as helped to increase the Moose population to its current abundant numbers. AlaskaChallenge Guide Service offers two types of Moose hunts in; drawing permits hunts in December for the following year, and over the counter tags. These hunting areas are in close proximity of each other.

Alaska Outdoor Safaris
Fairbanks, Alaska 99501
Phone: (208) 232-2542, Cell: (208) 351-6226

The vast territory of the Yukon has 20 hunting concessions. Our hunting area is 8,000 sq. miles. The hunting opportunities are endless. Hunters fly into Whitehorse and are then flown to a remote base camp and then travel by horseback to remote tent camps. Hunt area is located in the Big Salmon Mountains and the Nisutlin Plateau. Hunters and guides will use, atv, horses and jet boats to access your hunting location. Good populations of Grizzly Bears, Alaska Yukon Moose, Mountain Caribou and Stone Sheep, black bear and wolverine. Hunters can expect trophy quality animals with high success. Combination hunts for multiple species are also available.

Alaska Remote Guide Service
PO Box 874867, Wasilla, Alaska 99687
Phone: (907) 376-9568

Hunting doesn’t get better than this! The emphasis on these fall hunts is towards big moose (our yearly average generally runs between 58 and 64 inches), but brown bears are also prevalent in these same areas and can be hunted on a straight or modified trophy fee basis or as part of a longer combination hunt. We generally start hunting moose above timberline in their traditional breeding grounds from one of our established and very successful camps, and have very good success with various moose calling strategies.

Alaska Trophy Adventures
462 Teal Way, Kodiak, Alaska 99615
Phone: (907) 512-0810

World class Alaska Grizzly Bear hunting combined with Giant Alaska Grizzly bear taken in fall of 2005 by John Rozanski the comforts of a Wilderness Lodge & 3 comfortable out camps make for a truly Spectacular hunting trip. 5 species of Alaska big game to hunt including Brown Bears, Grizzly Bears, Moose, Caribou Hunting and Wolf. Caribou and Grizzly bears traveling the border of the Gates of the Arctic Park offer our hunters an abundant resource of game. The Wilderness Lodge & 3 remote outcamps are a wilderness marvel and all located in the shadows of the world famous Brooks Range Mountains, This area is only accessible by our specialty PA-18 Supercub aircraft that lands on the remote tundra strips.

Alaska Trophy Outfitters
PO Box 4135, Soldotna, Alaska 99669
Phone: (907) 252-7413

Brochure Pics 013We do a very limited number of moose hunts. We have been doing 2 moose hunts every other year and have had 100% success with a 61 inch average. We have been doing these hunts on odd years, as we use the same camps for brown bears. With the moose numbers coming back in our area, due to the extreme predator management programs, we are now starting to do 2 hunts a year. We are seeing enough mature bulls now that the area will not be affected.

Alaska Wilderness Enterprises
7445 Chena Hotsprings Rd, Fairbanks, Alaska 99712
Phone: (907) 488-7517

Our Moose hunts take place in the Alaska Range south of Fairbanks. This area of the Alaska Range, with its heavy willow draws and large open meadows, provides ideal habitat for some of the best moose hunting in Alaska.

Alaskan Perimeter Expeditions
P.O. Box 329, Ester, Alaska 99725
Phone 1: (907) 223-3226, Phone 2: (907) 456-4868

NORTH OF THE ARCTIC CIRCLE in the rolling hills of the southern Brooks Range is our “Salmon River” Trophy Moose & Grizzly Camp. Located near my Moose River Camp, this secret, salmon spawning hotspot is a fantastic hunt for trophy, Arctic Barren Ground Grizzlies as well as Trophy Bull Moose. Over the last few seasons we have had a high success rate on grizzly in this area with some of these true, Arctic grizzlies having been in the 8’6″ range with some of their skulls pushing 24″ B&C! This hunt is unique in that it offers a hunter an excellent opportunity at a big, trophy grizzly as well as a trophy bull moose typically in the 58″ to 63″ range, though some of our hunters have harvested bulls in the upper 60″ range.

Alaskan Wilderness Expeditions
Wasilla , Alaska 99687
Phone: (907) 355-5291

Robert P. Hardy and his entire staff offer quality hunts for a variety of Alaskan big-game: Grizzly Bear, Dall Sheep, Moose, Caribou, Mountain Goat, Black Bear, Wolf and Wolverine. Alaskan big-game hunting is Robert's specialty. But, whatever the experience you desire – whether it's hunting, fishing, bear-viewing, wildlife photography, backpacking, flight-seeing or simple vacationing – Robert can definitely provide the opportunity for you to have an enjoyable experience.

Arctic Alaska Guide Service
P.O. Box 82204, Fairbanks, Alaska 99708
Phone: (907) 457-1240

For over 20 years we have provided sportsmen with some of the finest big game hunting and wilderness experiences Alaska has to offer. We specialize in fully guided hunts for trophy Dall Sheep, Grizzly Bear, Moose, Caribou and Wolf.

Arctic North Guides
13 Alaska Peninsula Hwy, King Salmon, Alaska 99613
Phone: (907) 469-0581, Cell: (252) 714-4329

Moose hunts with Arctic North Guides are an opportunity to experience this primal landscape first-hand, and enjoy some of the best hunts anywhere in the state. Willingness to experience these adventurous hunts is the first step to success, but an understanding of this land and the physical demands that are required will ultimately help you reach your goal.

Arrowhead Outfitters
5744 East Rutan Ave, Wasilla, Alaska 99654
Phone: (254) 217-5161

All of us at Arrowhead Outfitters invite you to join us for an exclusive, exhilarating, fun and affordable fly-out self-guided trophy Bull Moose hunt in the Northern Brooks Range during the month September. Alaska’s great Arctic tundra on the northern side of the majestic Brooks Range Mountains is beautiful and rich with wildlife. Join Arrowhead Outfitters LLC, the first and only air taxi company flying float equipped aircraft based on the northern side of the Brooks Range on a self-guided moose hunt of a lifetime.

Bearfoot Adventures
Bristol Bay, Alaska 99613
Phone: (907) 240-4868

September, we had some fantastic moose seasons lately in the Alaska Range. We killed a 70" whopper and many others in the 60s. Other hunters took grizzlies or other animals while on their moose hunt. Trophies are 50'+; Our moose can be combined with sheep, black bear, grizzly bear, caribou, wolf, or wolverine.

Bushwhack Alaska Guiding & Outfitting
250 Airstrip Way, Wiseman, Alaska 99790
Phone: (907) 388-8766

Moose (10 Day Hunts)* Combo hunts available for Grizzly/Black Bear, Caribou, Sheep, Wolf & Wolverine. Bushwhack Alaska Guiding & Outfitting is a full-service Alaska owned and operated outfit, with many quality hunts and other year-round Alaskan wilderness adventures to choose from. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with a customized experience that ensures satisfaction. All of our hunts are fair chase and in game rich areas.

Clearwater Alaska Outfitters
HC 60 Box 3645, Delta Junction, Alaska 99737
Phone: (907) 803-3552, Cell: (907) 895-5427

Our Trophy Moose hunts take place out of our Yukon River hunting area from September 5th to the 25th. This is a great time of year in Alaska to spend hunting moose on a river that is very remote and in the middle of some great moose habitat. These Alaska moose hunts are typically 10 day 1×1 hunts. We usually take 6 – 8 Moose hunters into our camp each year. With this small number of hunters it ensures a top quality hunt for each person who hunts with us. Access into our moose hunting area is with a Cessna 185 on floats. It is a 1 1/2 – 2 hour flight so you will also get to see some of Alaska’s beautiful scenery on your way to our remote base camp

Fast River Freight
Anvik, Anvik, Alaska 99558
Office: (907) 740-8843

Fast River Freight offers affordable packages for moose hunting and guided service in Alaska. Contact Fast River Freight today to get more information about our services and pricing structure.

Gus Lamoureux's Ugashik Lake And Kodiak Bear Camp
PO Box 90444, Anchorage, Alaska 99509
Phone: (907) 248-3230

Moose hunting on the Alaska Peninsula is much like hunting anywhere in Alaska, except for the competition. Due to the remoteness of our location, very few residents hunt there, making the selection of good trophies more opportune. This area has been classified as a Trophy Moose Area by the State of Alaska, so moose under 50" cannot be taken. The average moose is around 59", but they may be taken anywhere from 50" to75" in this area, with our average at about 65". All hunting is done by fair chase, with boats and aircraft to transport meat and trophy back to the main camp.

Jim River Guide Service
Anchorage, Alaska 99501
Phone: (605) 887-3561

Guided moose hunting in Alaska can be a thrill of a lifetime. The hunts take place in September during the start of the rut. Calling a big bull into range is one of the most amazing things you will ever see. It is also one of the most exciting ways of hunting them. The Alaskan moose is the biggest of all moose. Great mass and wide spreads make an awe inspiring site on any trophy room wall.

Joey Klutsch's Aniakchak Guide Service
King Salmon, Alaska 99613
Phone: (907) 439-3030

Moose hunts take place every fall during the September 10 – 25 period. Hunting is spot and stalk, with an emphasis on calling. Glassing is done from a high point overlooking “moosey” habitat –areas with plenty of willows, swamps and cottonwood patches. A great deal of time is spent calling. Done properly and with the right conditions, myself or one of my guides can effectively “blind call” moose from 2 miles or more, often times bringing him all the way to the glassing hill. Like all hunting, finding a large bull requires patience. Nothing can compare to watching a large old bull come in to a call!

Kelly Vrem's Rough & Ready Guide Service
PO Box 54, Sutton, Alaska 99674
Phone: (907) 745-8736

We have an abundant moose population in our guiding concession. Horses allow us to go where the moose are instead of where the airstrips are. This means we are the only ones hunting moose here. The season is 30 days long, Aug 20 to September 20. Early or late it doesn’t matter each time has it’s advantages. Our guides are skilled moose hunters, hunt the mountain valleys early or classic spot and stalk or the valley timber in the rut either time these guys can help you get your trophy.

LaRose Guide Service
P.o. Box 172, Girdwood, Alaska 99587
Phone: (907) 350-6841

Our Alaska moose hunt takes place on the Alaska Peninsula in September, between the 10th and the 25th yearly with temperatures ranging 30 to 55 degrees. We hunt Unit 9E which is a designated trophy moose area by the state and has a minimum antler size restriction of 50 inches or better. Our target is moose with antlers over 60 inches. We are usually shooting moose in the 65 inch range. I will pick you up at Pilot Point and you will spend a night at the main lodge. The next day you will be flown out to a spike camp with your guide. Your hunt generally takes place within 15 miles of the main lodge When the season opens, the rut is just beginning. We track moose throughout the Fall. We choose our moose for their size and points and put a camp in as near as possible.

Mileur's Guide Service
P.O. Box 2661, Palmer, Alaska 99645
Phone: (907) 745-1747

I will provide you with true fair chase guides to hunt Brown Bear and Sitka Black tail Deer (Kodiak Island) or Moose, Grizzly Bear, Wolf, Dall Sheep, Caribou (Alaska Range), or Mountain Goat on the dates provided. If they do not meet your schedule, we can arrange a hunt to fit your time and needs. My pleasure will be in guiding you on the most satisfying hunt of your life.

Mountain Monarchs of Alaska
35555 Kenai Spur Hwy # 300, Soldotna, Alaska 99669
Phone: (855) 380-8430

Moose hunts take place between September 5-25. We run two 10 day hunts back to back. Tags can be purchased over the counter, offering hunters premier moose hunts without having to draw for a permit. Our moose hunters can expect to harvest a bull between 55 to 65 inches with a success rate of 75%. Most of the times it is a matter of looking for a bull you want in a location that it can be extracted.

Pioneer Outfitters
Chisana, Alaska 99586
Phone: (907) 734-0007

The largest of the deer family, the Alaska-Yukon Moose is a critter to behold. Pioneer Outfitters operates in an area known for it’s Moose with heavy brows and thick and wide palms. We have a 50″ or 4-Brow-tine minimum to harvest one of these massive animals and our average Alaska-Yukon Moose is 58″ to 64″ every year.

Ram Aviation
PO Box 1846, Kenai, Alaska 99611
Phone: (907) 252-7888

For many hunters, Alaska moose hunts remain the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to test their skill and endurance in one of the most remote and wild environments in the world. Combine the vast, remote beauty of Alaska with the thrill of a hunt for one of the largest animals on the continent and you have the makings of adventure like no other. With 6,000-8,000 moose taken each year by hunters, Alaska remains a prime locale for the hunt of a lifetime.

Red Bear Guides
4321 Zodiak Dr., Anchorage, Alaska 99507
Phone: (907) 301-8775

Red Bear Guides, owned and operated by licensed Master Guide Creig Butler, who has been guiding hunters in Alaska for many years. We provide guided hunts for Brown Bear, Grizzly Bear, Moose, Caribou, Black Bear. We take personal pride in having produced many memories for our many clients.

Richmond's Alaskan Guide Service
P.O. Box 521278, Big Lake, Alaska 99652
Phone: (907) 715-6106

Join resident Alaska Master Guide Mike Richmond for trophy big game hunting in Alaska. We operate fully guided hunts in 3 areas of Alaska. We hunt for Brown/Grizzly Bear, Moose, Mountain Goat, Caribou, Black Bear, Wolf, and Wolverine. All of our hunts are guided by experienced professional resident guides.

Stephan Lake Lodge
P.O. Box 190406, Anchorage, Alaska 99519
Phone: (907) 733-2538

The Alaska-Yukon Moose is one of the most desirable trophies of all the Big Game species in Alaska. With up to 80 inches of horn and weighing up to 1,700 lbs, nothing is more magnificent than a giant bull moose.

Stoney River Lodge
Sleetmute, Alaska 99668
Phone: (907) 526-5211

ALASKAN MOOSE. Just moments after you and your guide agreed that a move further up the drainage would be better.... a moose materialized from the brush that fringe a grove of spruce trees. ....This animal looks like something left over from the age of the dinosaurs!! Bigger than your SUV with antlers that seem to resemble two sheets of plywood

The Perrin's Rainy Pass Lodge
PO BOX 221267, Anchorage, Alaska 99522
Cell: (907) 230-6093, Lodge: (907) 733-2714

The Lodge is one of the few places in Alaska where you can hunt for six species of big game from one camp—Dall Sheep, Grizzly/Brown Bear, Black Bear, Moose, Caribou, and Wolf. We still rely on horses in most of our hunting camps. Most of the hunts conducted at Rainy Pass Lodge are for a combination of two or three species. There is truly no other place like it.

Triple C Outfitters Alaska
320 S Willow Ln, Wasilla, Alaska 99654
Phone: (907) 355-4470

We at Triple C Outfitters Alaska take great pride in our ability to outfit and guide our guest on Alaskan Big Game trophy hunts. Our guides and myself your host Clifford Smith, Registered Alaskan Guide, will assure your Alaskan hunting adventure will go smoothly, successful and comfortable. From start to finish we take every step to make sure all of the work in planning your Alaskan hunt is effortless for you; from air flights, gear, packing to trophy care. Below you will find full descriptions of all our guided Alaskan big game hunts. Just click on your hunt of interest and enjoy. Feel free to contact us with any question you may have and I will personally help in any manner you may need.

Westwind Guide Service
PO Box 298490, Wasilla, Alaska 99629
Phone: (907) 373-2047

We are serious about hunting and harvesting big Alaska bull moose. For many years we have maintained 85-95% kill success with nearly 20% of them making record book entries. Alaska moose are the largest member of the deer family and carry the largest antlers of any species on the North American continent. Mature Alaska bull moose can weigh anywhere from 1,400 - 1,600 lbs. with antlers that spread 60-70"+. A great trophy from any hunting trip!