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Maine Moose Hunting

Directory of 23 Maine Moose hunting lodges, guides and outfitters in Maine.

Homestead Lodge Maine
Featured Outfitter
871 Oxbow Road, Oxbow, Maine 04764
Phone: (207) 435-6357

Excellent Maine Moose hunting for Trophy Moose in the last week of September and second week in October with 95% success rate putting Maine trophy moose within shooting range of hunter. Thousands of prime habitat acres for Maine Trophy Moose makes the hunting memory of a lifetime. We are fully qualified to find the Maine trophy moose you're looking for and fully equipped to get it out.

Bosebuck Mountain Camps
2013 Parmachenee Road, Errol, Maine 03579
Phone: (207) 670-0013

The best kept secret is the local Moose population around our camps. We have gated access to 26,000 acres of private lands where Moose very few people have had the opportunity to hunt. Over the past few years, several 50+ inch bulls have been spotted AFTER the end of the Moose hunting season. This year Bosebuck is offering a special Moose hunting package with our very own Registered Maine Guide.

Bull Moose Wilderness Adventures
658 Osgood Rd, Springfield , Maine 04487
Phone: (207) 740-0200

Congratulations on being drawn for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to harvest a Maine Moose. We’re here for you and your needs in order to make the most of this opportunity!

Camp Katahdin Adventures
23 North Raymond Rd, Grey, Maine 04039
Phone: (800) 621-8203

Moose are the Monster of the Maine Woods! Imagine the thrill of having one of these magnificently antlered beauties in your sights! Big Game like this calls for big preparation to maximize every opportunity to bring one home. And Camp Katahdin is just the place to help you do it. Call to discuss the details of your customized hunt!

Cedar Ridge Outfitters
3 Cedar Ridge Dr, Jackman, Maine 04945
Phone: (207) 668-4169

With an estimated population of between 60,000 and 70,000 moose, it's no surprise that Maine is now one of the top Moose Hunting destinations in the United States and that the Maine moose permit has become one of the most coveted prizes in all of American hunting. Win one of these highly sought-after tags in our annual lottery*and Cedar Ridge can help turn your Moose hunting dream into a hunt of a lifetime. Because of our guides' field judging proficiency, Cedar Ridge customers commonly take trophy bulls in the 50 to 60 inch range and occasionally manage to break the 60 inch benchmark.... and one or two usually make the Maine Skull and Antler record books each year.

Hillside Game Ranch
Aurora, Maine 04408
Phone: (207) 584-2004

At Hillside Guide Service all our guides are Registered Maine Guides. Scott Beede, Hillside owner, holds a Master Maine Guide's License. Hillside has over 130,000 acres of woodland available exclusively to Hillside Hunters. This makes for great year after year hunting success. We provide guaranteed active baits for bear, lodging, home cooked meals, guide service, and transportation. We scout throughout the year for the absolute best places to put you so you'll have a great chance at a trophy animal. Besides Bear, Bobcat, and Whitetail we offer guided Moose Hunts and Coyote Hunts. All hunts include 5 days hunting, 6 nights stay in our lodge, transportation, guide service, and home cooked meals. Give us a call or send us a message with our handy contact form and we'll send you a brochure and answer any questions you may have.

Libby Sporting Camps
Oxbow Rd, Ashland, Maine 04732
Phone: (207) 435-8274

The majestic moose in northern Maine offers tremendous opportunities for wildlife watchers and hunters alike. The numbers of moose in our area have skyrocketed since the 80's when the annual hunt began. Currently there is a group circulating petitions to increase the allowed take of moose since there have been so many fatalities from vehicles hitting moose. moose4Fortunately in 1980 the moose hunt was started again to prevent the overpopulation of these magnificent animals (curbing the disease, meningitis and helping control overharvest of feeding areas).

Northeast Wilderness Outfitters
296 Cressey Road, Monmouth, Maine 04259
Phone: (207) 933-6107

Come and experience a traditional Maine moose hunt with Northeast Wilderness Outfitters. We specialize in traditional moose hunts in the Scenic Western Mountains of Maine. Moose hunting is an exhilarating sport and you will be pleased while hunting moose with Northeast Wilderness Outfitters. Whether calling, spot and stalk, or still hunting, we do it all. With the large amount of wood cuttings in the Western Mountains of Maine moose are plentiful and respond well to calls. You and your sub-permittee will be with one of our experienced guides throughout your hunt who will ensure that you enjoy the hunt as well as the fabulous scenery that is the Rangeley Lakes Region.

Northern Outdoors
1771 US Rte 201, The Forks, Maine 04985
Toll Free: (800) 765-7238

We offer moose hunts out of our Lodge in WMD’s 8 and 14. This area of Maine boasts a very healthy moose population, with outstanding bulls taken every season. Moose hunting is Maine is strictly controlled by region, and hunters must get a permit through the Moose Hunting Lottery.

OMM Outfitters
Eagle Lake, Maine 04739
Phone: (207) 444-7529

Call us to reserve your "Hunt of a Lifetime". Hunt moose in WMD zones 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6 with experienced and registered Maine moose guides. Check with us about swapping your cow tag for a bull tag, or changing your wildlife management district. OMM is one of the few moose guide services that offer one on one calling for trophy bull moose. Calling during a moose hunt sounds easy, but there is much more to it than just calling. Call placement, wind direction, scent, sight, and sound, all factor into a successful hunt.

Oxbow Outfitters
Sheridan Road, Ashland, Maine 04732
Phone: (207) 435-6140

Moose, being vocal during the rut, are disposed to respond to calling; therefore this is our preferred hunting method. The skill of our professional staff of guides and extensive pre season efforts can put rut crazed bulls right in our hunters' laps. Whether hunting with modern day rifle, muzzleloader, handgun or archery equipment the memories of a close encounter with these monarchs of the north will last a lifetime. Some hunting areas will be from waterways and others will be accessed by vehicle and foot.

Penobscot Bay Guide Service
118 Nickerson Road, Searsport, Maine 04974
Phone: (207) 322-7919

We also guide moose hunters with bow or firearms in October. Permit is required. These hunts are held in October on the mid-coast. The season opens the first part of the month and runs to the end for ruffed grouse and woodcock. The limits are three each and the possession limit is double. These hunts are leisurely, we get up at around 7 am then have breakfast. We will then take a short drive to start hunting. We normally hunt 3 or 4 covers before lunch. After lunch we will hunt 3 or 4 more covers or until you want to get done. Then we return to the lodge for dinner. The mid-coast of Maine has a large number of old farms and some clear cuts. There are many Apple orchards to hunt. These produce good numbers of flushes for Maine Grouse and Woodcock. We have flushing labs or you can bring your own dogs. We can also make combination hunts with Canadian Geese, Sea Ducks, Puddle Ducks, or Bow Hunts for Deer.

Pleasant River Guides
289 Pleasant River Rd, Milo, Maine 04463
Lodge: (207) 943-5840

Pre season scouting and preparation is the key to our success, we spend weeks prior to opening day locating as many trophy bull moose as possible, giving our clients the best possible opportunity to harvest that trophy of a lifetime. Our guided moose hunts take place on privately owned and gated properties in WMD zones 10 and 18.

Smoldering Lake Outfitters
129 Snow Road, Bridgewater, Maine 04735
Phone: (207) 429-0910

Moose being vocal during the rut, are disposed to calling: therefore this is our preferred hunting method . The skill of our professional staff of guides and extensive preseason efforts coalesce to place rut crazed bulls right in our hunters lap. Whether hunting with a weapon or camera the memories of a close encounter with these Monarch's of the North will last a lifetime.

Spaulding Lake Outfitters
441 Ridge Rd, Oakfield, Maine 04763
Phone: (207) 420-1040

Bull moose hunts, cow moose hunts, remote hunts (drop camp) and lodging available. View our website for more information.

Stony Brook Outfitters
55 Morrison Hill Road, Wilton, Maine 04294
Lodge Phone: (207) 778-4077, Cell Phone: (207) 491-8765

Maine has a healthier population of this incredible animal than anywhere else in the continental USA. A permit drawing controls this trophy hunt. Applications are available on-line at http://www.maine.gov/ifw/index.shtml. If you are fortunate enough to draw a permit we can show you where the trophy moose are plentiful. The body weight and antler size of the Maine moose is world class. Success rates are extremely high. Most of the time, moose hunting is done driving on old wood roads, scanning old cuttings where this animal spends much of its time feeding. We also encourage walking the outskirts of the cuttings hoping to come across a moose bedded down. Our guides are also versed in the art of calling. We can be flexible with the type of hunting you prefer. Let Stony Brook Outfitters make this once in a lifetime trip one to remember.

Sunrise Ridge Guide Service & Sporting Camps
117 Donigan Road, Bingham, Maine 04920
Phone: (207) 672-5551

A guided Maine Moose hunting trip is an awesome experience. Moose are in plentiful supply throughout our region of Maine, but surely are NOT "simple to hunt. And that's why we're here! We have the proper expertise, experience and the equipment to find your Moose, AND, to get your Moose back to the truck! Our hunts can be very exciting as we attempt to call the moose to you and we spend a great deal of time in the woods, not the truck. It’s your hunt and we base our day according to your wants and needs.

Sunset Ridge Outfitters
Howland, Maine 04448
Phone: (207) 266-1306

Get a moose permit and we're in business! We can get you a big bull or cow. Contact us on these hunts and we can tell you what units to put in for.

The Bradford Camps
PO Box 729, Ashland, Maine
Phone: (207) 746-7777

Maine moose hunts are in September and October, please contact us for licensing information. A Maine trophy moose can be as large as 1000 pounds dressed weight with a rack spread of between 50 and 60 inches. The moose hunt season dates are usually the last week of September and the second week in October, although it changes from year to year. A Maine moose hunt at our camps comes with the services of Moose hunting guides. This hunt is a once in a lifetime opportunity for a Maine moose, the best moose hunt in the world. Applications for a license are available by DIFW, online, after January 1 and due by the first of April or they are available by contacting us. We will get you in touch with the wildlife department and also guide you through the application process.

The Village Camps
2466 Forest City Road, Forest City, Maine 04413
Phone: (207) 448-7726

We offer a variety of hunting experiences and a great success rate for grouse, woodcock, waterfowl, small game, deer, and moose.

Three Rivers Wingshooting
373 River Road, Milo, Maine 04463
Phone: (207) 943-7943

Three Rivers Wingshooting is a privately owned and operated pheasant and quail hunting preserve located in central Maine. Hunts are operated seven days a week. Guided hunts are available if needed, or hunter can walk groomed trails on his/her own. Hunters are welcome to bring their own bird dog or, with advanced notice, a dog and handler can be provided. The preserve is located on acreage that offers open fields with great cover for upland game birds, groomed trails and river water access. Three Rivers Wingshooting also offers large game hunts such as moose, deer and bear. Please call for more information.

Upcountry Guide Service
84 Rockwood Estates, Gardiner, Maine 04345
Phone: (207) 441-0494

Hunt moose from my camp right in the middle of Maine's zone 4. Price includes all meals, guided hunt, and transporting your moose to the butcher. Package price does not include Maine hunting license fee or cost of butchering. Whether you're looking to book a bear hunt, bird hunt, fishing trip or canoe trip, I know UpCountry Guide Service can provide a memorable experience!