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British Columbia Moose Hunting

Directory of 13 British Columbia Moose lodges, guides and outfitters in British Columbia.

DB Outfitting
15120 Quick Road West, Telkwa, British Columbia V0J2X2
Phone: (250) 267-2290

British Columbia has been well known for its high density in Canadian Moose population for a long time. Our remote territory offers high populations of trophy class BC moose. Moose in our area range from a tender 2 point bull to a 50 inch trophy bull, with the average being around the 40 inch mark.

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Backcountry BC and Beyond Ltd
Cassiar, British Columbia V0C1E0
Cell: (250) 919-0184

The area is approx. 3300 sq. miles (2,112,000 Acres) of pristine wilderness. It is considered to be one of the best hunting areas in all of Canada. With almost no resident hunting pressure or access to 95% of the hunting concession, you will feel like it’s untouched. Everything has to be flown in via floatplane or long horse pack train. There is no riverboat access to the area either. In all, there are approximately 70 Lakes (lots of which have great fishing) in the area and 1 River, which offer some type of floatplane access. We have many established camps throughout and will be increasing our number of camps in the near future to hunt new, unexplored habitat. Hunters arrive in Whitehorse, Yukon (if flying) with multiple flights daily from Vancouver, Calgary and even Europe. Generally we allow a night in Whitehorse then a short 2 hours drive to Atlin the following day, followed by a scenic float plane jump to camp. The area is mostly known for its amazing Canadian Moose (both quality and numbers) and also arguably BC’s greatest Mountain Caribou herd. We also have some awesome Stone Sheep rams, True Mountain Grizzly, a healthy Goat population, elusive Wolves and Wolverines and the occasional Black Bear. The elevations of the lakes and rivers range from 2,000 – 5000 feet. Most of the mountains in the area are quite rough and steep with the highest peaks stretching between 7,000 & 9,000 ft

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BC Guide Outfitters
PO Box 3159 , Kamloops, British Columbia V2C 6b8
Phone: (778) 349-0105

British Columbia has been long known for it’s high density of Canadian Moose. All of our territories have excellent Moose hunting. Sizes vary from camp to camp, as well as densities of the moose. Mature bulls range from 40 – 55 inches. Being surrounded by over 200 lakes and 5 major river systems, we guarantee we have a Moose hunt for you. Either, early season spot and stalk, peak of the run, or late season migration hunts take place from either our base camp or one of our remote spike camps. Hunters are transported by vehicle to remote locations or a truly remote river hunt. Any age or physical ability can join this hunt.

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Bear Lake Guides & Outfitters
Box 82, Grasmere, British Columbia V0B 1R0
Cell: (250) 421-8085, Office: (250) 887-3444

British Columbia is known for its vast moose population. Our area has a high density of Canada Moose and is known for its trophy size animals. The land provides ideal moose habitat with lots of swamps, lakes, creeks and rivers. The soil is mineral rich and the result is fast growing vegetation, especially willows, a main food source for moose. We harvest heavy antlered moose with an average rack of 45", with many taken in the 50"-60" range. Our success rate is high and we have taken Boone & Crocket bulls in the past.

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Driftwood Valley Outfitters
Box 403, Prince George, British Columbia V2L 4S2
Phone: (250) 964-0511, In Season: (403) 987-0264

Our moose hunts are ranging from a typical northern BC fly-in hunt for big bulls to a drive-in meat moose hunt with a trophy opportunity. The Driftwood Valley Outfitting area has two (2) functioning landing strips for wheel planes and seven (7) different fly-in lakes with camps out of log or wood cabins. Every camp is fully stocked and equipped to provide a perfect base to hunt out of. The more remote locations have healthy moose populations unaffected by hunting. The most northern camps on White Lake and Bird Flat Creek offer the best opportunity for big Canadian Moose. Many are over 50 inch with some specimens reaching the magical 60 inch mark. The average size in our guide area would be between 45 inch to 55 inch for a mature bull.

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Fire Mountain Outfitters
Atlin, British Columbia V0W 1A0
Brandon: (780) 228-3448, Rena: (780) 933-6859

Our area borders the Yukon and although our moose share the same genetics as the Alaska/Yukon moose they are classified as a Canadian moose in the record books. They range from 1400 – 1600 pounds and have an average spread of 55-60 inches with the occasional bull being over 60. We have a very strong population, there are moose throughout the entire 5000 sq mile area. Our traditional horseback hunts start out at a base camp and often spike out a little further into the high country in some of the high Valleys and brushy basins where moose can be found almost any time of the year. This is a true and exciting adventure, and every moose hunt is different. Big bulls can be spotted miles away and the horses are needed to close the distance and most importantly, pack them out! Most times they still have to be called out into position and will get your heart pumping! It also works well to combo this type of hunt with a caribou, Goat or Stone Sheep!

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Fredlund Guide Service
13385 215 Rd , Dawson Creek, British Columbia V1G 0H4
Phone: (403) 638-1368

The outfitted British Columbia moose hunts that we offer are for trophy Canadian Moose. Our goal as moose hunting outfitters is to harvest bulls 50 inches or larger. We run very high success on this type of bull and encourage our hunters not to shoot anything less. We are always concerned about trophy management and are looking to harvest mature bulls. Every year we harvest a number of bulls grossing over the 195 B+C minimum and seeing that 200 mark broken is not a rare occurrence. These are top notch Canadian Moose Hunts not only in British Columbia but in all of Canada.

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McGregor River Outfitters
2060 Croft Rd, Prince George, British Columbia V2K3C9
Phone: (250) 614-3488

Canadian Bull Moose Hunt. The most exciting time to hunt these enormous animals is during the "rut". Breeding season ensures bulls are moving regularly and eagerly respond to "calling". Bulls in the 40 - 55 inch range are not uncommon. Hunt methods include glassing, calling and drifting specific river drainages to help ensure success.

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Mountain Spirit Outfitters
Box 6564 Hinton, Hinton, British Columbia T7V 1X8
Cell: (780) 817-4349, Camp: (778) 417-0047

The high mountain meadows, red willow flats, clear cuts and river bottoms make our area excellent for a trophy Moose hunt. The Upper Matthew River provides all that moose love; red willows, many small meadows, and muskeg. The heavily traveled game trails are extraordinary. Moose and goat can be hunted simultaneously. As you are moose hunting time will be taken to glass the peaks above you for goat and vise versa. To take advantage of the upper valley and fantastic moose hunting a spike camp will be built up this summer to access virgin country.

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Northern Wooodsman Outfitting
Westbank, British Columbia V4T 1A2
Phone: (407) 451-1244

Moose Hunting in British Columbia Canada. Rocky Mountain Foothills Lodge. Moose Hunts by Rifle or Bow hunt. Our Lodge and surrounding cabins are located in a Provincial Park and was established prior to the formation of the Park so we're thrilled to be able to offer hunting within these great boundaries. Accessible only by boat, our Lodge is nestled on what feels like an island. Moose hunting with us includes the opportunity to hunt 7 different lakes, three of which are interconnected, with many miles of shoreline to spot Moose standing in the water eating vegetation.

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Sikanni River Outfitters
P. O. Box 11, Pink Mountain, British Columbia VOC 2BO
Phone: (250) 412-5209

10 days August 15 - October 25. Most hunting is done on horseback. Moose sizes range from 45 to 60 inches and are very plentiful in all of the camps. In some areas moose must have a total of 10 points on one side or 3 points on an eye guard. This hunt may be combined with Elk, Goat, or Caribou.

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Telkwa River Outfitters
3150 Old Babine Lake Rd, Smithers, British Columbia V0J 2N6
Phone: (780) 617-6927

British Columbia is home to the Canadian sub species of moose, these moose can be found anywhere from the heavily forested willow swamps to the high valley basins.

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Tezwa Expeditions
Kitimat, British Columbia V8C 1T6
Phone: (403) 330-6767

Moose hunt in British Columbia is normally a second option for hunters. We offer guided Moose hunts. To hunt moose you should be willing to cover, lots and lots of ground in beautiful British Columbia. Moose hunt season in BC is for 6 days only. While hunting bear or goat, moose hunting in BC can be your second option. We have moose to hunt in our Northern BC area but the season is only 6 days. If you're on a goat hunt on Oct 20-Oct 26, you should add a moose tag.

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