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Fire Mountain Outfitters

Fire Mountain Outfitters
Brandon & Rena Ponath - Owners

Atlin, BC V0W 1A0

Contact Info:
Brandon: (780) 228-3448
Rena: (780) 933-6859



Our area borders the Yukon and although our moose share the same genetics as the Alaska/Yukon moose they are classified as a Canadian moose in the record books. They range from 1400 – 1600 pounds and have an average spread of 55-60 inches with the occasional bull being over 60. We have a very strong population, there are moose throughout the entire 5000 sq mile area. Our traditional horseback hunts start out at a base camp and often spike out a little further into the high country in some of the high Valleys and brushy basins where moose can be found almost any time of the year. This is a true and exciting adventure, and every moose hunt is different. Big bulls can be spotted miles away and the horses are needed to close the distance and most importantly, pack them out! Most times they still have to be called out into position and will get your heart pumping! It also works well to combo this type of hunt with a caribou, Goat or Stone Sheep!