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Alberta Bush Adventures
McLennan, T0H2L0
Phone: (780) 324-2174, Cell: (780) 523-8658

Alberta Bush Adventures has a limited number of moose hunts available each year. The terrain in this part of Alberta is mostly flat, heavily wooded with aspen, spruce, birch and willow forests. Muskegs, creeks and small lakes are prevalent.

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Alberta Hunts
Drayton Valley, T7A 1R3
Phone: (780) 898-2955

Moose hunting in Alberta is a very exciting experience. Hunts will be taking place on foot, with atvs, boats, and pickup trucks, driving logging and oilfield roads. The weather will be between 30F and 80F. Moose that are rutting will move during all hours of the day. Once a moose is spotted your guide will establish size and quality of the moose. You should be seeing moose between 30” to 50”. If the moose is a “Shooter” you will pursue all possible shot opportunities. After you have harvested a moose we will take some great pictures, and skin and prep the animal for the taxidermist of your choice. There may be opportunities to harvest a wolf and or coyote as well. Thank you for taking the interest in hunting Alberta.

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Alberta Native Guide Services
13331 - 106 Street, Edmonton, T5E 4T7
Phone: (780) 478-1988

Alberta Native Guide Services knows that you are looking for a great hunting experience, so we offer a 6 day whitetail deer hunt where you will have an opportunity to hunt moose, mule deer, wolf and coyote once your whitetail tag has been filled. For the price of a licence, the hunter can keep on hunting after he kills his buck or if he does not want to buy another license he can hunt wolf and coyote for nothing. The point is that you will hunt for the full six days. Our hunting guides want you to remember your experience with us and come back again and again.

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Alberta River Valley Lodge
Wainwright, T9W 1T3
Phone: (780) 842-8622

We have one of the best moose hunting areas in Alberta. We have exclusive access to over 70 quarter sections of (deeded) private property.Our hunting area is near the town of Wainwright, Alberta, approximately three hours southeast of Edmonton, Alberta. Surrounded by farmland, rolling hills and the famous Battle River, this area possesses all the natural habitat required to produce quality trophy moose. Limited hunting pressure, a good food source, plenty of cover and exclusive access are all keys to a quality moose hunt!

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Alberta Wilderness Guide Service
3428 - 99 Street, Edmonton, T6E 5X5
Phone: (780) 365-3730

AWGS now offers 2 areas & timeframes for you to choose to hunt Canada Moose with a bow. Our 1st Rut hunt takes place in the middle to late part of September as the cows are just starting to come into heat. The area for this first hunt is quite remote, and you'll hunt out of our comfortable tent camp, while we do calling set-ups to get in on the action at the onset of the 'Rut'.

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Anchor D High Mountain Hunts
Black Diamond, T0L 0H0
Phone: (403) 933-2867

We have a very limited number of Shiras moose hunting tags available. Shiras moose hunting trips are in the prime rut, about the first week of October. We call the bulls as well as spot and stalk hunt. You will be based out of a tent camp deep in the Canadian Rockies you will explore prime Shiras moose habitat as only possible by horseback hunting.

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Blue Bronna Guiding & Outfitting
Three Hills, T0M2A0
Phone: (403) 443-5718

Blue Bronna offers Western Canadian Moose hunts in different areas. For those of you looking for a more comfortable moose hunt we have 4 hunts available annually from our home in the south central farm area of Central Alberta. Those wanting a more traditional hunt may favour the calling season Boreal Forest hunt of north Central Alberta.

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Corbett Creek Outfitters
Box 96, Fort Assiniboine, T0G 1A0
Mobile: (780) 305-4727

Corbett Creek Outfitters provides one of a kind access to the rich Northern Alberta hunting region, and an experience you’ll want to repeat every year.

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Freeman River Adventures
Ft. Assiniboine, T0G 1A0
Phone: (780) 333-5371

Freeman River Adventures offers guided rifle moose hunts and archery moose hunts in the Central Region of Alberta, Canada. We offer archery only hunts plus rifle and/or archery hunts. Hunters can combine our moose hunts with other big game hunts. No matter which moose hunt you choose, we are sure you will have an unforgettable experience.

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Garrett Bros. Outfitting
Box 784, Breton, T0C 0P0
Pat Garrett: (780) 621-7989

Clearwater River Hunt: Moose hunting takes place during the rut in remote areas of northern Alberta Canada. To begin your moose hunting trip, we will take you to the most pristine wilderness 6 hours north of Edmonton to Fort McMurray. We will then board our riverboat and go 60 miles up the Clearwater River to our beautiful lodge and cabins. We will be moose hunting off the river in our boat and on top of the cutblocks. You can expect to shoot moose in the range of 40-50inch in this area. Richardson River Hunt: Once you fly into Ft McMurray we will put you on a charter plane and fly you 140 miles north to the Richardson River. From there we will go 40 KM to our beautiful tent camp where we will begin calling for moose along the river and up on top of the ridges. We will be using ATV's with minimal hiking to hunt these big bulls. Being an extreme northern hunt, you may have an opportunity to see bulls over 50". This area is only accessible by airplance with no resident hunting pressure.

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Groat Creek Outfitters
PO Box 1325, Whitecourt, T7S1P2
Phone: (780) 779-5280

Over 25 Years of Hunting Experience. Extremely High Success Rate. Dozens of Proven, Scouted Tree Stand and Ground Blind Locations Welcoming Hunters of All Ages & Abilities (Wheelchair Friendly). Archery, Rifle & Black Powder Hunts Family Owned & Operated! At Groat Creek Outfitters you will experience a full service, high quality hunting opportunity! Our entire outfit is devoted to making your adventure with us a success! Groat Creek Outfitters operates from Northwestern Alberta, Canada, approximately two hours NW of the Edmonton International Airport. We invite you to come hunt with us, as Alberta offers a very unique and rewarding hunting experience. We will make every effort to ensure that your time spent with us will be an enjoyable and memorable experience!

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Mike's Outfitting
PO Box 544, Spirit River, T0H 3G0
Phone: (780) 864-3770

Mike's Outfitting Ltd. is an Alberta big game hunting outfit owned by myself, Mike Ukrainetz and my wife Jen. We live and hunt in the big game hunting paradise of the Peace River region of Alberta. We provide high success mule deer hunting, whitetail deer hunting, black bear hunting, elk hunting and moose hunting even for hunters who aren't physically fit.

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Misty River Outfitters
Fort Assiniboine, T0G 1A0
Phone: (780) 284-2775

Misty River Outfitters offers moose hunts during peak rut times. We hunt several locations within our area. Camps consist of spacious wall tents with wood heat, generators for lights and charging electronic devices. Our guides will cook you some great home cooked meals and take care of all your needs so you can concentrate on the hunt and enjoying yourself. On your Trophy Canada Moose Hunt you can use Rifle, muzzle loaded or Archery. Wolf coyote license can be added to the hunt. Our area is home to a healthy moose population, bulls range from 32-50 inch and reach as wide as 60 on occasion.

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Moose Country Outfitting
Hotchkiss, T0H 2B0
Phone: (780) 836-3764

Late fall Moose Hunts are conducted on snowmobile or ATV during a time when new hunting country opens due to frozen ground conditions. Gear up for a 7 day, fully guided hunt from a remote wilderness cabin located in a prime area with very low seasonal hunting pressure.

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North Alberta Outfitters, Inc.
P.O. Box 861, Slave Lake, T0G 2A0
Cell: (780) 849-0743, Home: (780) 369-3733

We do our moose hunts in the boreal forests. Hunts are done in September and October, when lovesick bulls come to the call. This hunt is very exciting and challenging. We hunt from wall tent camps, as well as cabin accommodations. Hunts are remote, fly in or take ATV’s in to the back country. We also have jet boats and an airboat to offer some different hunts. Our Moose hunts have a very high success rate. The quality and size is excellent for Canada Moose. View Trophy Moose. Space is limited, so book early to get the best spots.

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Red Willow Outfitters
Valleyview, TOH-3NO
Phone: (780) 524-4574

Trophy moose bowhunts & rifle moose hunts in Alberta, Canada. Moose hunting take place in the world famous Peace River Country. It is known for having one of the highest Moose densities in North America. Our moose hunts have been very popular. Due to the Alberta's management of moose, we have been taking high quality animals each year. Every year we are taking moose in the 50" + range with our largest being 63". We have three different moose hunts to choose from as well as combination hunts for moose with Black Bear, Whitetail, Mule Deer, Waterfowl, and Elk.

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Rugged Outfitting
Cardston, T0K 0K0
Phone 1: (403) 653-1565, Phone 2: (406) 450-6300

If you are looking for the opportunity to hunt the Canadian Rockies in search of the illusive Canadian Moose we have a treat for you. Alberta is home to the Canadian Moose. These animals are big strong and fun to hunt. Our bulls average between 40- and 55 inches. We have seen larger and had opportunities to harvest 60+ inches. The Alberta government has implemented a good moose management system and almost the entire province is now on a limited entry draw for residents. Our tags however are guaranteed. However we have a limited number and they fill up quickly. So don’t delay in calling us and booking your Canadian Moose adventure.

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Savage Encounters
Caroline, T0M 0M0
Phone: (403) 844-7603

Looking for big Canadian bull moose, check us out. We have trophy moose 40”-55” and have seen larger. This is due to Alberta’s new moose management program and it’s making moose hunting magic. All moose tags are now on draw for residents and has very limited guaranteed tags for non-residents. We typically hunt the forest and bogs for these majestic swamp monsters. Most moose hunts are conducted from stands, stalking, and calling during rut.

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Smoky River Outfitting
Box 521, DeBolt, TOH 1BO
Phone: (780) 957-3100

Smoky River Outfitting offers Canada trophy moose hunts in the foothills of Alberta Canada. On this hunt hunters will be expected to pass on bull moose under 50 inches. This area produces many B & C bull moose from 50 to 60 inches. We offer these trophy moose hunts during archery moose season, Rut moose season and in November (Post Rut) when bulls are in bachelor groups feeding in valleys. These hunts take place in the absolute premium units in the province of Alberta. This hunt takes place in the foothills on the edge of the mountains and many provincial parks. A very limited number of tags are issued in these areas the few we have are guaranteed licenses. This is a ridgeious mountain hunt, it is not for everyone!!!

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Timber King Outfitting
Box 581, Glendon, T0A1P0
Phone: (780) 617-6927

The Canadian sub species of moose are in the middle of the size bracket. Being smaller than the Alaska/Yukon species to the north, and larger than the Shiras species to the south. A hunter can expect a 75% shot opportunity at a mature bull in both the rut and the late season. Our typical mature bull will have antlers varying from 35-45 inches in width with the occasional 50" bull harvested.

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Trophy Hunters Alberta
8959 Bay Ridge Dr. SW, Calgary, T2V 3N1
Phone: (403) 541-1004, Toll Free: (877) 486-8937

Trophy Hunters Alberta is Alberta's premiere Moose outfitter, owning some of Alberta's best allocations for the species throughout the forested area leading into the slopes of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. THA has 66 moose allocations offering both archery and rifle hunting experiences. Prices for moose hunts in Alberta are typically about half of the price charged for a moose hunt in Alaska, the Yukon or in British Columbia. Trophy Hunters Alberta is renowned for its moose hunting successes in Alberta.

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Udell's Guiding and Outfitting
3344 - 11007 Jasper Ave, Edmonton, T5K 0K6
Phone: (780) 722-0243

Our Moose hunts take place in the forests of Northern Alberta about 3 hours north of Edmonton. Our area has an excellent population of moose with the trophy potential being very high. The area is a combination of forests and muskeg swamps that the moose love.

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Wizard Lake Outfitting
Stony Plain, T7Z 1X5
Phone: (780) 984-4868

We specialize in guided moose bowhunting in the remote wilderness of Alberta Canada.

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